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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Small book review

This might be my favourite site, a fellow blogger  Elizabeth Bagwell mentioned that she had a copy of Knit your socks on straight by Alice Curtis, this intruigued me so much that I followed the link and it brought me to NetGalley, a site for readers/reviewers - I'm assuming big readers as there seems to be some hardcore reading as they refer to their readers as professional readers! any way, they have a section to read a bok then comment on it. I will be up for it, I have already got in my computer Paul Robeson, a watched man by Jordan Goodman, and Bernard Cornwell's Harlequin.

Prologue: with the authors family and how Mr Robeson made a memory his life.

Fart jokes aside, it's very descriptive.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Let me chat a while....

Just a small update - I got my gimp working! I am really quite impressed, all I needed to do was to reinstall it, so I quickly did this, I thought it was nice, what do you think?

I think it looks pretty good :)

Going onto more pressing issues..yes the crochet, it has been a while that I have been updating here but I'm not going to let me deter me. I have finished the blanket that's now safely in Australia and thankfully was greatly appreciated, I would of been gutted if it hadn't, but that's not really the point, the point is that I can finish a blanket in under three years, that is fabulous!

There have been other projects,  mainly for the WI. We are knitting & collecting in baby jumpers and hats for the Fish & chip babies of Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. The pattern is  pretty simple, I have made four plus two hats and they worked up pretty well in knitting.

The second charity we are knitting for is the legwarmers for the Cystic Fibrosis kids, they are being collected by Supertramp, a company that specialises in trampolines.

The last one is not really a charity, it is more of an awareness. It is for the breastfeeders and their newborns, a crocheted hat to put on the baby's head. This pro-feeding Infant hat will make the men reminisce, and make the ladies chuckle,

So here is to the next project, baby blankets and clothes for S.C.U.B.U (Special Care Baby Unit) - a place close to my heart. I won't be doing clothes but there are some gorgeous preemie knitted & crocheted items at Ravelry, and I will be doing some blankets.

And the book of the moment? well it's Socks all the way baby!

Now that I have got the hang of that cast-on I am on my way to getting it done...if only I could just get off the internet!

Well, that's all for me for the time being, there wasn't enough time to tell you about the fact that we must have been having freaky weather, we had sun on Bank Holiday, I'm yearning to have an iPhone back, just on the basis that I can get an app and it allows me to listen to French radio. Last but not least Ian Hislop was so cute as a baby...maybe that will be my new secret!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Book Group

Book for the book club is, wait for it..... the facebook favourite for the moment...yes you guessed it Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L. James.

So happy reading, I hope you enjoy it, if I can grab a copy off someone I will :)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New design for the blog

I was feeling like an update so I did a little bit of an update for the blog, so with my new application called
 Photo Filtre, which is the best thing ever, especially if you haven't got the funds for the latest Photoshop, I can't recommend this enough and for when I get my mac back, I'll be able to run it on that too!

Now I have a little less time on my hands since I joined the Womens Institute and became a committee member, now I thought I was going to be the last person to join but as a group we are trying to achieve something new within the community. First new thing would be that we are running two groups within the same month, one in the afternoon for the ladies who can't make the evening one and an evening one for those who are not able to get to the afternoon. This has worked quite well and I think both groups work really well.
Crosspool festival will be soon and we will be  having a stall that will be placed outside the
lounge at crosspool on Sunday the 9th July 2012, where there will be crafts and I think there will be chutneys too...there will be other stalls doing cakes, so we thought we would do something different, I hope you are able to make it, it's going to be a really good time and we will be able to show off our new banner.

There are also sub groups
Walking - fourth wednesday of the month (I will be lead)
Choir - TBA
Knitting & crochet - every Friday, 10am to noon (I will be there)
Book group - TBA
Scrapbooking - Mondays at Stephen Hill
Sewing  - TBA

Monday, 18 June 2012

Three favourite books

I'm not much of a reader but I have been known to pick up a book or two, here are three of my favourite.

Anne of Green Gables, L M Montgomery
Synopsis: An orphan is placed with a brother and sister and her adaption into family life. With this I did actually watch the film first, sadly not the original but still good.  I do suggest try to read the book first if you are really into it, you can get so much better an idea of how the characters are.

The Magic Cottage, James Herbert
Synopsis: A haunted cottage in the middle of the woods and a couple moving in.

Mort, Terry Pratchett
Synopsis: Mort, finding out that death isn't all that he seems.

Problems with my generator :(

At one point I had 50+ quotes but now that my computer is back, I have to build them back up again. This is what I have so far, if there is any that you would like to contribute then please feel free :)

Dead Like Me

  • Am I pretty? - Mason
  • That's very Zen of you, you must smoke pot. - George
  • NO! And no means no! Powerful isn't it? I learned it at a PSA about date rape! - Daisy Adaire";
  • I'm going to put this politely as possible. I will fuck you up! - Roxy, Dead Like Me";
  • Who has been making grilled cheese sandwiches with the defibrillator paddles? - Dolores Herbig


  • Bite my shiney metal ass. - Bender
  • So long, jerkwads!  - Turanga Leela
  • Sweet Zombie Jesus - Professor Hubert Farnsworth
  • Kif, I have made it with a woman. Inform the men. - Zapp Brannigan
  • What are you hacking off? Is it my torso?! It is! My precious torso! - Hermes


  • Oh somebody's been watching to many Bruckhiemer Films. - Richard Castle, Castle


  • Holy macaroni with pepper jack. - Shirley
  • Word of advice: If an Asian man says he's a Spanish teacher, it's not racist to ask for proof. - Dean Pelton
  • I will find a loophole..then I'll kill you - Ben Chang
  • Someone make her a dude, so I can punch her. - Troy Barnes

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Another week of watching TV

I have been a bag of nerves, I still am, my test is sooooo soon, I bought a pack of cigs, bit my nails, which I haven't done since I was 15 and been a total mardy bum around the house on the plus side, I have got my first test knit which I will start after the test and I have watched so much television that I think I might turn into a couch potato ;)

The first one that I have watch pretty much back to back is Ace Of Cakes, which is about a guy and his team that make just the most amazing cakes, so much so that I would just love to go to Baltimore and have one specially make for me, it would need to have yarn, crochet hooks that are different (definately Lantern Moon, Clover and aluminum hooks) knitting needles and maybe a sample of the knitting and crochet, can you imagine Geof trying to knit? neither can I.

A new show to me, 'Suits' is about a lawyer firm and what they get up to, it is a little reminicent of LA Law but I think a little edgier although I have only seen one episode but the writing is good and there is no stupid camera angles...another bonus to the show is that Gina Torres (Angel, Pushing Daisies, Gossip Girl), of Firefly fame, she is so fabulous in whatever she does.

Going back to the Whedonesque universe Jane Espenson's new thing 'Once Upon A Time' is very stylized, great writing although I am a little concerned about how skinny the lead Jennifer Morrison (House MD) is. If you click on the link above then it will be for your Kindle, I know it's going to be one of the first things that I will get when I get my Kindle Fire, if it ever gets released!