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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New design for the blog

I was feeling like an update so I did a little bit of an update for the blog, so with my new application called
 Photo Filtre, which is the best thing ever, especially if you haven't got the funds for the latest Photoshop, I can't recommend this enough and for when I get my mac back, I'll be able to run it on that too!

Now I have a little less time on my hands since I joined the Womens Institute and became a committee member, now I thought I was going to be the last person to join but as a group we are trying to achieve something new within the community. First new thing would be that we are running two groups within the same month, one in the afternoon for the ladies who can't make the evening one and an evening one for those who are not able to get to the afternoon. This has worked quite well and I think both groups work really well.
Crosspool festival will be soon and we will be  having a stall that will be placed outside the
lounge at crosspool on Sunday the 9th July 2012, where there will be crafts and I think there will be chutneys too...there will be other stalls doing cakes, so we thought we would do something different, I hope you are able to make it, it's going to be a really good time and we will be able to show off our new banner.

There are also sub groups
Walking - fourth wednesday of the month (I will be lead)
Choir - TBA
Knitting & crochet - every Friday, 10am to noon (I will be there)
Book group - TBA
Scrapbooking - Mondays at Stephen Hill
Sewing  - TBA