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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Socks...et chaussettes...and socks!

On my sock adventure, I have seen so many socks, mainly out of my skill set but gorgeous nonetheless, I have tried cuff down and everyone says "Wasn't the heel the hardest?", Well, actually No, doing the Kitchener stitch (grafting), to be quite honest, they really need to change the name of the stitch only because I think of him
Lord Kitchener, the king of Calypso

Or maybe him?

The Other Lord Kitchener.

Well you catch my drift but maybe they both made socks themselves - well it's plausible! 

So we are back to my sock plan for today. I still have two balls of Zig Zag just waiting to get made up into toe-up socks - and how ironic is this, they are stopped at the heel! Options to consider:
  • Pull them both out to the start of the heel and work row by row on each sock.
  • Get to a point where I know where I am on both socks, pull one out and get to the same point as the other sock.
  • Start it all again (quite reluctant to do this as I want them done) and do cuff down socks
  • Read the pattern again from beginning to end, see if it makes any more sense. (this one is a high possibility to do).
Ah, merde! :(
What do you think?

As a side point, I thought I would let you  know  my favourite designers for the moment, Wendy D Johnson, Ann Budd and even though I have got the book but not yet mastered the art of two at a time on circs,  Melissa Morgan-Oakes.

As a bonus, New Season of Hart of Dixie is back on Really @ 8pm on Mondays

Thank you, I'll see you later or maybe to practice more French à bientôt

Sunday, 17 June 2012

TV that I can't stop watching

I just can't help myself there is new seasons starting all over the place but there is one this two things that I Just can't stop watching, 1) A new show from the States called Hart of Dixie about a New York doctor who finds out that her real father has left her a surgery in the back of beyond of America.

On the UK TV there doesn't seem to be much apart from them re-showing The Midwives on the Iplayer, which is well worth the watch, I throughly enjoyed it when it was on even though there is only about 6 or 8 episodes.


Then there is Mrs Browns Boys a show that has you in stitches every time you watch it, its a family in Ireland and their shenanigans.

and of course there is Castle,which is always fabulous although I wish they would bring the relationship forward, I'm not sure how much I can stand of Castle and Beckett swooning at each other and not getting together, let's just hope in the next season they will get married and we can have renditions of Hart to Hart where Martha can play Max and Esposito and Ryan can be a space age version of Freeway where he has a split personality! Now I'd pay to see that!