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Monday, 19 October 2009

Slight update

  I feel like I have been neglecting the blog with no new updates it seems to be lacking. I have still been crafting, I'm still attempting the sock thing, I got a pattern and some wool, but I'm really good and I'm using up the wool that I had for the mittens and although I'm not really following the pattern that I got with the wool, I really think its going well, as I have a circular thing going on with the DPN's and, it looks pretty swish. I always like to think that I like to buy locally if I can, this pattern is from a company called Wendy, it looks like they are based in West Yorkshire but I'm not sure, that could be just where the pattern was printed!

The red blanket is coming along, the next decision is for the outline, is it going to be white, pale yellow or pink.
Other things in the making, pom-poms just for fun, trying to get the kids to join in is like pulling teeth – oh that might have been the wrong thing to say, the tooth fairy will be visiting our house soon!! School holidays, as if the six week holiday wasn't enough, there will be fun at our house.

I started my week only picture taking fest, the idea sprung up on facebook and I thought it better than rather doing it for the year, it would fit well with me to start small and then I can carry it on if it all goes well.

Also National Chocolate week (12th - 18th Ocotber 2009) came and went and I didn't even know about it, and I have just missed National Knitting Week  (11th -1th October 2009) which I don't really mind so much because I was knitting throughout!

Anyway, I have been going round on the internet I have been finding things, although I'm still looking for anime characters on fabric, The Inside R2 and a nice knitting pattern for my ipod, I'll stick that on my wish list.
Here are some places, I thought might be of interest.

Lots of kawaii (it means cute in Japanese) things that me go squee

Buttons - teacups. A great site, let's hope I can do the cross stitch project soon.
Injabulo Buttons

This is a lovely site with lots of crochet amigurumi stuff