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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Going like the clappers - I've never knitted so much in my life!!

I have finished the Dennis the Menace mittens and they do look lovely,

     as do the beads on the cushion,

although I'm not to sure about it, I got the wrong wool, the pattern suggested that King Cole Magnum was used with 8mm needles and I ended up using Life by Stylecraft (needs 6mm needles) and 5.5mm because I didn't have any of those in the stash, but luckily enough there seems to be enough wool to make another. The Cushion looks as if it will need blocking as it i all bent out of shape from having the beads in but I don't think it looks that bad considering that's it's my first attempt with beads!! ...and here are the replacement gloves for the youngest and these ones do fit her!!