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Saturday, 7 September 2013

International Sock Swap 10

Well it's all over, the sock are done and posted off and for all the heartache that it caused, I am super proud of them
The whole package for the frugal swap, it included the socks, leftover wool,  (which I don't think I was supposed to do - I think it should of gone in the sock) the band, stitch markers that I made, a postcard and some eucalan 

They look good, don't they? They went to my Ravely partner, Klingele

And this package came all the way over the ocean from Candijean. It had socks which are so comfy it's untrue, stitch markers, card, postcard and a fridge magnet, it is a little bit of a sham that my phone camera is so rubbish, it doesn't do them justice.

I have signed up again much to the disgust of my husband, who thinks I must be totally off my rocker to even contemplate another timed sock project.

I would suggest this for everyone, I know it has pushed me to my limit of sock knitting, but it has been so much fun and it is nice to go out shopping for others :) . So if you fancy it, just pop over to International Sock Swap Now on #11 swap.