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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Knitting with confidence: Cast on

How-to cast on

Make your slip knot and place it onto the left needle (red). Hold the end of the yarn in the opposite hand to your working yarn and place the right needle (yellow) behind the left needle, in the slip knot.

Pass the yarn from the left hand side over the right hand needle (yellow) from the back, around to the front.

Holding the working yarn, bring the yarn through the front, so your right hand needle (yellow) is looking like it has another stitch.

Bring it back to the right hand side.

The stitch is now ready to be put onto the left hand needle (red). Pull the right hand needle (yellow) out.

You have now done your first lot of stitch.

Now you have done the stitch.

Now place your right hand needle (yellow) in between the two stitches

This is how it should look.

Bring  your working yarn from the back of the right needle (yellow) to the front.

Get the needles so it is making a pointy 'n', with what looks like two stitches on the left hand needle (red) and one on the right hand needle (yellow).

Put it back onto the left hand needle (red), remove the right hand needle (yellow)

This is how it should look. Yippee, you did it :D