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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Today I will be slightly be....

shamed into realising that I haven't touched my podcasts for pretty much at least six months, so I have had to download them all again and trying to workout where I was up to so I started off with up with 'Socks In The City' ( I'm really excited by this because I actually found myself thinking "Ah, I know what that feels like" when she Dharmafey at Ravelry was talking about holey gussets) with my knitted socks klacking away while I listen,  Electric Sheep with videos of Fraggle Rock and talking about jumpers and Utter Shambles which is more of a comedy podcast rather than a knitting one, with Robin Ince and Josie Long  and not to forget Ravelry and  Angel yarns knitting forums who always have knowledge about where to get your products.......and my current thing, you ask? yes it's two socks :D. The pattern, which I found on Ravelry, I think it was suggested to me too but I'm not sure who, anyway it's Pattern 0-559 Men's socks with rib in "Big Fabel" by DROPS and they do look very comfy, the yarn that I'm using isn't theirs but leftovers from the menace's blanket and to be quite honest I think I prefer knitting with this than crochet it, somehow it feels different - probably me being weird though :)

The start, 60 stitches

The heel part
(artificial light, meh!) After the heel is done.

I'll post more pictures after I have finished a little more of it but I think it's a pretty good start so far thanks to hyperactive @ ravelry :)

...so before I sign off, there is one video I would like to share with you, I thought it was so cute, Mefedia.com, there is a lot of buffering and the other videos that are linked to it are just as funny and cute too :)