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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Knitting much?

Not really, to seems to be more about the crochet, since my last update I have done more squares for the boy and his splash blanket, I even was able to put some wool by, via The Wool Baa, so I will have the same dye lot, I just hope that I can finish it in time - I'm working on the 30th January 2011 (eek that sounds like ages away) so it will be a nice birthday thing for him. The other crochet project was somewhere to store my crochet hooks as the knitting needle storer wasn't quite big enough to store all the accessories, so violá I have a totally new crocheted thing that I didn't even use a pattern for, to be quite honest I don't really like patterns - well maybe if I can read them /wink

It looks a bit fallic but I think that's just because of the thickness of the wool.


I think it looks lovely inside, just enough space for more hooks.

I also got told that the girl didn't want red, so after all that knitting (well nearly) she wants a pink blanket - now I don't know whether she means all pink or just bits of pink we shall just have to wait and see, let me finish and see what she says.

Knitted things:
  • Cable scarf - I got the wool, then needles and the ehow tutorial to get going, then I realised that the wool was really tight on the needles and what do you know the wool is for 6and a half and the needle 6mm, who would of thought.
  • The Dennis the menace scarf, I think is half way through and I got a whole lot done while waiting for the christmas play at school, which I'm really impressed about.
  • The gloves that I made on two needles turned out pretty well but I will put it down to a good pattern and really expensive baby wool.

 If I get both lots of squares today it will be enough to keep me going, spending time on Ravelry I have had some good hints about how to make blankets/afghans. I also saw this ver sweet Christmas knitted star it also comes as a crochet pattern too, I might try it next year if I remember.

Watched Castle, matching scarves from both Castle and Det. Beckett, the one she wore was a lovely blue colour. Also the lovely Marc Blucas who has been in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and recently Lie to me & House and had a nice, very green scarf on