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Sunday, 19 July 2009

The day today

It has been as a normal day can be, the kids said they wanted to watch Ghostbusters and then got bored about 20 minutes in and went upstairs, I on the other hand thought it was still quite good, I mean the effects were ropey but I expect that from a film that was made in 1984 - and I forgot that there was a lot of smoking in it too. Anyway I finished off Nana's present, I just need to find the right clasp for it, then I spent the rest of the day realising that it wasn't maybe the best thing using the DPN's for the mug warmer and changed it to just a line of 80 stitches and just fold it in on itself to get the slit for the mug handle. I haven't done any cross stitching for a while, I really should.