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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

So what have I been up to?

Well I think I made a slight mistake in the fact that every time that the youngest has had 3 birthdays for a school friends then I have made a knitted item (cats for girls and dinosaurs for boys, I know I'm going with stereotypes but it seemed like I could do those projects) anyway, it came to a head where I had the deadline coming ever closer, and I have never been very good at those! but the good news was that they got finished on time, yay for me :D so I'm a little bemused but chuffed that I have and now feel more invigorated to finish mt waist coat that I said that I was talking a break form because it was doing my nut in.

Current projects:

  • Monster eye slippers

  • These are going well although I have stumbled on the pattern a little.

  • Another dinosaur

  • To be done for two weeks time

  • Griffindor blanket

  • It's been reminded about, and I am still on my first row of squares!

  • Grenada Blanket

  • It should be finished by now!

  • Crofter Socks

  • Still on the first one but I have a plan for when it's time to do the toe, I will put the first sock onto a stitch holder then do the second sock so when it's time to finish off the second sock I will be able to do them together - genius.

  • Finishing off the fronts of my waistcoat, I think I'm going to be using basket stitch if I can work out how many stitches I need :)

  • Finished projects:

  • DS Case

  • 2 cats

  • 2 dinosaur

  • And since I have last posted, it has been another birthday for me, luckily I have been lucky to get going to a Glee concert in Manchester, which means I get to tart myself up and feel like a teenager, even though I never felt like that then ;) and different books, (which I have linked to at the bottom), a sponsor a sheep, smellies and Pirates of the Caribbean Lego :D